Sunday, April 29, 2012

A grenade found at an Easter egg hunt?!

It must be true...
I read it in the tabloids

Lindsay Lohan is selling her clothes to raise money. A source close to the troubled actress, 25, says she is in such dire financial straits that she recently took “a truckload of designer clothes, shoes, and bags” to a popular Los Angeles vintage-clothing store and sold them for $14,000 in cash. Lohan’s recent legal difficulties and multiple stints in rehab, the source says, have left her with “zero income and a shed-load of bills.”

A man who won a stair-climbing race in a Los Angeles skyscraper has been stripped of his title after surveillance footage showed him taking the elevator. Miguel Larios, 31, who worked in the building, appeared to have set a new course record when he climbed the 62-story Aon Center skyscraper. But his fellow competitors said they’d been skeptical of Larios’s performance even before he was revealed as a cheat. “He wasn’t sweating a lot,” said Mark Trahanovsky, 53.
“We knew he did not have the physique of an elite stair-climber.”

A British toddler hunting for Easter eggs found an unexploded World War II hand grenade instead. The 3-year-old was participating in his preschool’s annual Easter egg hunt in rural Somerset when adults noticed him standing on a brown, egg-shaped object. Closer inspection revealed the object to be a hand grenade, and a local army bomb squad was called to perform a controlled detonation. “It looked like an Easter egg,” said parent Stuart Moffatt, “but it was a hand grenade.”

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