Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tip of the week... How to beat jet lag

Start with a boost. You can never eliminate jet lag entirely, says Ronald Kramer of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, but you can ease its effects. Start your first morning in the new time zone with a light workout, followed by a protein smoothie and a cup of coffee.

Don’t forgo naps. “One of the big mistakes is staying up all day.” Try to find time for a nap that’ll be over while the sun’s still up. Then turn in for the night at the same time the locals do.

Sleep through the night. Treat yourself to milk and cookies before bed: The light carbohydrates and stirring of childhood memories help the brain go quiet. Make sure your room is cool, and if all else fails, take a sleeping pill you’ve tried before. “Jet lag is one of the few situations” when a pill “can be really helpful.”
Source: Esquire

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