Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Internet... Manage your digital identity

Clean house. The Googles of the world are getting more aggressive about using your Web history to create a consumer profile of you, so make it your business to limit what they can learn. Start “dusting off your digital life” by deleting any profiles you created at sites you no longer use—like MySpace, perhaps.

Organize your passwords. Keep a running list of the sites that do know you by storing all your active passwords with LastPass​.com, a browser add-on that’s mostly used for streamlined sign-ins. Your passwords should be safe with the firm because “security is its business.”

Stalk yourself. Go to google.com/alerts to get alerts when new information goes online citing your name, nickname, or business. Use Pipl.com to get a better handle on the information that’s already out there.
Source: The Washington Post

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