Saturday, February 25, 2012

On the lighter side.... 2/25/12

Good week/bad week

Good week for...

Austin Smith, 15, of Michigan, who saved his grandfather’s life by lifting a 2,000-pound Buick a foot off the ground after the car slipped off cinder blocks and trapped the older man underneath. The teen attributed his amazing burst of strength to “all the adrenaline.”

Liking it hot, after New Mexico State University scientists identified the world’s hottest pepper: the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion. On a scale of hotness, it rates at 1.2 million Scoville units, compared with 5,000 for a jalapeño.

Having a knack with freeze-dried creamed chicken, after NASA announced it was seeking volunteers to serve as chefs during a simulated, four-month mission to Mars on a Hawaiian lava flow. Applicants will be asked to whip up tasty meals from space-appropriate packaged supplies, while wearing spacesuits.

Bad week for...

Rhode trips, after Vice President Joe Biden’s office released a schedule showing him visiting Providence, “Road Island.”

Impatience, after a San Francisco man decided to swerve around a lane of cars that had come to a standstill, and drove his Porsche 911 into a lane of freshly poured cement. The car sank about a foot and got stuck.

Stoners, after a Florida teenager was charged with crawling into a window to steal what he thought was a marijuana plant. “You stupid little brat, it’s a tomato plant,” the plant’s owner called out as she chased him down the street.

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